Non-container Terminals
SIPG Luojing Subsidiary Company Ltd

The SIPG Luojing Terminal which is specialized in handling bulk cargoes was officially put into use in 1997.

Its port area is located on the south bank of the Yangtse River at a distance of 38km from the city center by land route and 17km from Wusongkou. It is a new and modern high-tech port area covering a land area of 500,000m2 and is equipped with eleven large-sized machines, fifty mobile machines and nearly 9.0km-long belt conveyer systems. The unloading quay has a water depth of –11.0m, which can accommodate giant oceangoing vessels up to 180,000dwt (after reduction of loads), while the loading quay has a water depth of –8.0m and can accommodate ships on both of its sides.

The Company mainly serves the big steelworks along the Yangtse River and the iron ore merchants through its efficient handling of imported iron ores. Its average continuous handling capacity is 35,000t in 24 hours and its warehouse and storage yard can hold 1.15 million tons of cargoes.


Address: 8 Shigang Road, Yuepu Town (Chengqiao),Baoshan District, Shanghai, 200942, China
Telephone: 86-21-56150090
Fax: 86-21-56151325




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