Integrated Innovative Technologies Used in the Terminal Construction

The Project applied the brand-new port-building planning conception and technology, computer management and control technology, modern information management and communication technology, new-type fine sand ground treatment technology for land formation, semi-rigid subgrade and asphalt pavement road-building technology in port area, network communications, database and modern information management and control technologies, etc., to the construction of the modern container terminal so that all these up-to-date technologies were incorporated with the construction of the container terminals and at the same time innovations were achieved in the course of the construction.

The key technologies and innovative points are as follows:

In the field of engineering design philosophy, completely new functional module cross-section arrangement mode for the port area of modern container terminals, the scientific arrangement for the port area with a capacity level of 10 million TEU and unbalanced capability mode of high-efficiency production system of the port were employed; in the field of design methodology, the virtual emulation technique was used, the emulation model of container terminal established, and the way for the evaluation of flexible berthing of containerships put forward; in the field of construction techniques, combined water reduction methods such as vibroflotation, vibratory impulse (with no filler used) and low-energy jolt ramming for the consolidation treatment of soft soil foundation were adopted, new technologies for building semi-rigid subgrade and asphalt-paved roads in the port area exploited; in the field of equipment management, the most up-to-date intelligent terminal operation and digitalized operational management were employed to serve the production and management, and the quay crane with twin 40-foot containers was successfully used for the first time in the world, thus blazing a new trail in container handling jobs; with respect to the Project itself, a series of new management techniques such as information management system and the method that indicates a “clear quantity and fixed price” were developed.

A.P. Moller-Maersk Group, the global largest shipping company, evaluated the Waigaoqiao Phase-4 as the most vigorous container terminal in the world, while our international counterparts praised the Waigaoqiao Phase-5, the completion of which used 21 months only, as a marvel in the history of port construction. The throughput of the Waigaoqiao Container Terminal as a single port area has reached a level of ten million TEUs, ranking first in the world. Up to now, its container throughput has topped thirty million TEUs.