Port Services

Port Services unit is a supplementary segment of SIPG businesses to support the rapid growth of the group’s core business. The improvement and expansion of the service functions is geared to enhance the group’s overall operational capability, optimize port service, and improve port efficiency. Currently, the port-related services unit includes six main categories, namely, pilotage, tugboat, shipping tally, agency and port information technology service.

Shanghai Harbor Fuxing Shipping Co. Ltd., as one of the largest port tugboat service providers in China, takes the responsibility of Tugboat service, ship scrap and build, etc.

Shanghai Ocean Shipping Tally Co. Ltd., dealing with tally service, is currently the largest regional tally service company in China.

Shanghai Harbor e-Logistics software Co., Ltd., SIPG's high-tech subsidiary specializes in providing IT system services and turnkey IT solutions for port logistic industry. Their MILE series of autonomously developed software products includes port control and management platform, terminal operation management system, logistics and distribution management system, and ship operation management system, among which, the core product TOPS-C container terminal management system providing the overall IT services supporting the operation of Port of Shanghai. The IT system services they provide covers software development, IT system integration, operation maintenance and IT planning, which give strong support to the rapid development of many ports along Yangtze River and the eastern coastline.