To become an outstanding global terminal operator is our vision; and “further developing the home port while expanding to the world” is our main strategy.

SIPG will strive to maintain a rapid and healthy development involved in containerization by implementing the Yangtze River strategy, Northeast Asia strategy and Internationalization strategy and focusing on four pillar businesses of cargo handling, port logistics, port services and port commerce, so as to establish and consolidate the status of Port of Shanghai as the pivotal port of international shipping and becoming the world’s leading terminal operator and port logistics services provider.

Yangtse River Strategy Northeast Asia Strategy Internationalization Strategy  

As an indirect hinterland of Shanghai Port, Northeast Asia provides room for the growth of the port, and is the key area for Shanghai to be an international shipping center. In future, it is a critical step in the rapid development of SIPG to ensure its foothold in the container transshipment market in Northeast Asia, based on Yangshan deepwater port. As the hinterland of the group’s indirect cargo traffic, Northeast Asia strategy is a drive for SIPG taking a leapfrog development to enhance levels of containerization in Northeast Asia.